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July 16, 2011

Mocca Last Show

Begini sejarahnya.
Dulu gw kayaknya masih kelas 5 atau 6 SD. Mungkin sekitar tahun 2004-2005.
Dari gw SD, karena kakak gw suka baca buku, gw jadi ikut-ikut suka juga.
Nah, salah satu novel teenlit yang gw baca itu Fairish. Itu termasuk novel teenlit unggulan, setara sama Dealova.
Nah lagi, dari novel Fairish itu dibikinlah tv seriesnya, di mana soundtrack yang dipake itu lagu Secret Admirer punyanya Mocca.
Dari situ langsung suka banget deh pokoknya. Tapi berhubung dulu kaset/cd Mocca agak sulit dicari di Disc Tarra, jadilah cuma bisa nikmatin lagu-lagu Mocca lewat TV atau yang ada di film-film aja.
Dulu belum ngerti juga caranya download lagu. Hahahaha.
Intinya, jatuh cinta sama lagu-lagu mereka tuh bener-bener langsung dari telinga turun ke hati. Gak pake mikir deh.

Di konser Mocca Last Show kemarin, lagu kesukaan gw, Happy, dibawain di awal.
Terus pas lagi lagu Let Me Go, screen-nya video rumput lagi kena tetesan air hujan.
Dan tiba-tiba aja gitu di luar hujan deras banget. Pas lagunya selesai, hujannya berhenti. Dahsyat.

Pas Arina nyanyi Tanah Airku, mata gw berkaca-kaca, tangan gw merinding. Cari aja di youtube udah ada videonya loh!

White Shoes and The Couples Company

Karena autofocus kamera gw rusak LAGI, akhirnya gak banyak foto yang gw ambil. Ditambah lagi lensa gw cuma 18-55.
Tapi semoga foto-foto yang gw ambil ini cukup buat jadi kenang-kenangan.

Acaranya selesai, all artists naik ke atas panggung.
Btw, di pojok kiri itu pembawa acaranya yang super kocak, Ringgo Agus Rahman & Soleh Solihun.

Ngeliat Arina nangis itu rasanya jadi kepengen ikutan nangis.

Kenapa... Kenapa... Kenapa fotonya malah fokus di kepala orang itu щ(ºДºщ)

Words can't describe how happy I was at that night.
Gw cuma berharap Arina pulang secepetnya ke Indonesia. (Pergi aja belom, udah disuruh pulang).
Dan gw sangat sangat sangat sangat berharap Mocca bakal manggung & ngeluarin album lagi!!!

July 10, 2011

"No Harry Potter Film for Indonesia"

Do they really think that banning (or increasing the customs duty & other stupid rules I don't clearly understand) some Hollywood movies to come in to Indonesia will make the quality of Indonesian movies get better than before?
Dengan hanya menyediakan film-film Indonesia di bioskop itu sama aja pemaksaan.
Pemaksaan itu hukumnya tidak halal, komandan.

Btw, buat yang belum pernah baca novel Harry Potter, I suggest you to read it.
Di mata gw, Harry Potter itu novel fiktif terbagus, terkeren, terkreatif, dan ter ter ter lainnya.
And I'm about to review Harry Potter's stuffs, wish you get tons of pleasure, muggles!

Harry Potter taught me to thank God to have parents (because we all know that he doesn't have any)...

Lily Potter taught me to be strong and brave...

Sirius Black taught me to trust in my beloved family...
Sirius: I expect you’re tired of hearing this, but you look so like your father. Except your eyes. You have…
Harry: My mother’s eyes.
Sirius: It’s cruel that I got to spend so much time with James and Lily, and you so little. But know this, the ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in here.
[puts his hand to Harry’s heart]

Albus Dumbledore taught me about what love is... Dumbledore: Harry, do you know why Professor Quirrell couldn’t bear to have you touch him? It was because of your mother. She sacrificed herself for you. And that kind of act leaves a mark… This kind of mark cannot be seen. It lives in your very skin.

Cedric Diggory taught me to be kind-hearted even to my rival...
Hagrid taught me to love animals...

Fred & George taught me to distinguish a business and a relation hahahahahaRon: How much is this?
Twins: Five galleons.
Ron: How much for me?
Twins: 5 galleons.
Ron: I’m your brother!
Twins: 10 galleons.

Ginny Weasley taught me to keep waiting someone patiently... Harry: It’s been like… like something out of someone else’s life, these last few weeks with you. But I can’t. We can’t. I’ve got things to do now. Think how much danger you’ll be in if we keep this up.
Ginny: What if I don’t care?
Harry: I care. How do you think I'd feel if this was your funeral... and it was my fault?
Ginny: I never really gave up on you. Not really. I always hoped... but you’ve been too busy saving the wizarding world. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew this would happen in the end. I knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort. Maybe that’s why I like you so much.

Ronald Weasley & Hermione Granger, well, 'kay, they are pretty sweet. (Yes, I'm that jealous!) Ron: Your voice, Hermione. You said my name. Just my name. Like a whisper. So I took it, clicked it, and this tiny ball of light appeared. And I knew. And sure enough, it flew toward me, the ball of light, right into my chest and straight through me. Right here. And I knew it was going to take me where I needed to go.
Ron: I love you, Hermione.
Hermione: Don't let Lavender hear you saying that.
Ron: I won't. Or maybe I will... then she'll ditch me.

Dobby taught me to be a loyal friend...

If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love.

I always wonder how it feels to hold on a snitch...

And I always wonder how butterbeer tastes like...
All in all, friendship is the most valuable thing I've learned from Harry Potter...

Harry: Hogwarts is my home. If you said that Hogwarts is your home, you know what, Harry? You're my life.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling:
Thirteen years after the first Harry Potter book was published, I am still astonished and delighted by the response the story has met. Even though the seventh book and the eighth film have now been completed, I’m still receiving hundreds of letters every week, and Harry’s fans remain as enthusiastic and inventive as ever. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you, because no author could have asked for a more wonderful, diverse and loyal readership. I’m thrilled to say that I am now in a position to give you something unique; an online reading experience unlike any other. It’s called Pottermore.
It’s the same story, with a few crucial additions - the most important one is you. Just as the experience of reading requires that the imaginations of the author and reader work together to create the story, so Pottermore will be built in part by you, the reader. The digital generation will be able to enjoy a safe, unique online experience built around the Harry Potter books. Pottermore will be the place where fans of any age can share, participate in and rediscover the stories. It will also be the exclusive place to purchase digital audio books and, for the first time, ebooks of the Harry Potter series.
I’ll be joining in too, because I will be sharing additional information I have been hoarding for years about the world of Harry Potter. Pottermore is open to everyone from October, but a lucky few can enter early and help shape the experience. Simply follow the owl. Good luck.

Dear Harry Potter author... I swear by the God...

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Kalo ada film Indonesia yang sebanding bagusnya sama jalan cerita & efek film Harry Potter, gw ikhlasin Harry Potter gak tayang di sini.
Kalo gak ada, lemme do Avada Kedavra curse to all of you guys who made those stupid rules.