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August 11, 2015

Di Kelas 2

Gw: "What's wrong with your eyes?"
Asita: "Ini karena orientasi"
Gw: "Hah? Kamu dipukulin orang? Orientasi di mana? Taekwondo?"
Asita "Mmm... Maksud aku iritasi"
Gw: "......" (nahan ketawa)
Asita: "Aku susah bedainnya soalnya mirip"


Gw: "Please sit nicely and smile"
Oliver: "Miss Ena! Aku tau lanjutannya apa!"
Gw: "Iya apa, Oli?"
Oliver: "Stay hungry, be sexy, and get lady" (dengan suara sok merayu)
Gw: "........." 😩

August 10, 2015

f e a r

Flagging the current in the sea
Embracement is what we need deeply
Although now you put that paddle down
Row the boat alone, I still look for our sun

August 9, 2015


(isn't that greeting lame & awkward?)
Okay. I've honestly been staring at my laptop screen for more than 3 minutes, thinking about how I should start with this post for this obsolete blog all over again. I actually had made this blog in 2008 when I was still in senior high school stupid, mushy, and impulsive. I'm not saying that this time I'm one of those knights errant. No. Big no. But I strongly believe that I am now better than who I was years ago. So please just forgive me for delivering you all this pointless post and that mind-numbing greeting.
Today is actually one of those rotten days I've been dealing with myself. Lately, I just realized that my routine is remarkably lethal it's gonna kill me, mentally.
I swear to God I need something fresh, something that can make me feel renewed, something that can put a big smile on my face, something that can infuse me with joy and spirit.
But............. what???
I've already got everything I need. I know I should feel blessed for that, but... still, I couldn't keep myself off from the fact that I'm really bored with my own life.
Gak tau harus apa. Huam. Bosen. Bye!