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August 26, 2013

Dear, people...

I'm not going to ask you to walk on earth with my shoes, for I know that the size of everyone's feet is different.
But please...
Before you talk behind my back, make sure that you've seen what I've been facing in front of me.
That would be fair for us.

August 6, 2013

The Ones with The Door

Do you people still remember the analogy about a door I wrote several months ago? I failed to leave that door, so I, again, knocked it. Well, I finally didn't only knock it. I also entered the room. It was warm. It was tremendously warm there. But, many strangers came in. Each day the room was getting more crowded I wasn't able to breathe. Oh, please understand that it's not about me who forgot to lock the door. No! It's not my fault! It's because I don't have the key. So I guess it was a wise, a very wise decision to leave, no matter how pleasant the room was. And, you know what, as soon as I left the room, the door locked itself. The key was back. I just could see that from the distance and then I nodded. In the following days after leaving the door, do you know what I found? I found nothing. I asked everyone, "Where is the door???". And everyone was like, "What door?".  There has been no door around that place. It took more than a day until I realized that the door never really existed. It was all only in my mind. I was the one who built that imagination. "He is a world I gained and lost." Besides, all was set. The train is ready to go anyway. Goodbye.