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October 30, 2011

Let It Be

"You are only a teenager. You are not yet married, so go with the flow, laugh tons, use manners, and try something new.
Trust your feelings, spend your cash, introduce yourself, and regret nothing.
Don't laugh at people's dreams, challenge yourself, take pictures and appreciate the memories.
You should make time to dance in your underwear and learn from the past.
Play dress up and then take all your clothes off.
Have the time of your life."

Because I believe that life is short, I'd better let it be. Be happy.

I passionately feel like having 'let it be' permanent tattoo on my left wrist.
Bukan cuma nulis pake pulpen dan ditebelin setiap hari.
Tapi katanya nanti dosa, nanti susah dapet kerja, nanti keliatan kayak cewek badung, nanti ini, nanti itu, nanti lalalala.
Huh, yasudahlah.

Sekarang gw udah kuliah dan lagi sibuk-sibuknya ngerjain tugas sekaligus belajar buat UTS.
Gw masih tetep kayak dulu, gak pernah bisa konsen belajar di kelas.
Guru Dosen ngejelasin, gw bengong atau kadang-kadang ngobrol.
Bedanya, kalo kuliah udah gak bisa tidur di kelas lagi dengan ngomong ke temen sebangku, "kalo ada gurunya, bangunin gw ya".
Udah gak ada yang namanya temen sebangku.
Duduknya bebas, boleh dimana aja, asal bukan di meja dosen.

Gw berangkat kuliah dianter om gw atau naik ojek.
Pulang naik angkot atau kadang dijemput sama bokap. Sering juga nebeng temen.
Perjalanan pulang gw dari kampus ke rumah pasti ngelewatin stasiun.
Gw suka suasana stasiun, bikin keinget sama Hogsmeade Station atau King's Cross Station.
Walaupun sebenernya sih beda banget.

Well, I guess I should go back studying!
I promise I'll tell you more about my new life at university later!

October 23, 2011

23 September 2010

This one is a letter for me written by one of my best friends, Feby (Molly). She wrote this on September 23, 2010.


Oh man it’s not easy as it seems to write this. Trying my best.

This post is dedicated to my best friend, well duh, obviously.

Dear best friend,

To be honest, the word “best friend” sucked to me, because well...
First, I basically don’t rank my friends.
Second, I don’t trust people that much enough to be one.

As I enter high school, I have this circle of really close friends, until now.
But I honestly think that I don’t have a REAL best friend. Until I met her...

It was the end of the first semester, 2 years ago.
I met her at her school, it was a sport day.
I was gonna meet my ex boyfriend (fckit you’re too disgusting to be written here but whatever) and then some friend of mine introduced me to her.
We got along really well since that time, but I couldn’t see that she was gonna be my best friend now back then.

Time after time, months after months, day after day.
We spent a lot of time virtually and sometimes literally together.
We went through this dark times, felt hopeless and pathetic together.
You were always there helping me through my rough times.
You were always there when I feel absolutely shitty.
You patiently deal with my rants and whines for hours, even days without complaining, not even once.
You’re always there everytime I need you the most.
Lame jokes, ridiculous midnight chats and gossips, or calls.

We have the same taste of humor, music, or sometimes we can be a total opposite.
We even have this name we call to each other, “Mol”.
You make me laugh, I make you laugh.
You never ever judge me for anything.
We have never judged each other, we try to understand each other’s point of view.
We adjust and try to understand each other—the feeling is mutual.

There are lots of people out there who’s been bitching around talking shits about you, trust me, I know better.
To all of them, FUCK YOU ALL LAME MOFOS!
Why don’t y’all get a fucking life man and stop being such a hater.
My girl here is prolly smarter than all of you bitches.
Gah enough rant and hate here, why do I care to write about them anyways...


Thanks for always being there for me, Ena. You are the highlight of my days.
I couldn’t imagine what my life would be if we weren’t that close man, I mean who will listen all my daily rants and who would stand me patiently when I’m being such a bitch.
There are so many memories, too many of them.
I really wish that we get into the same uni, like we always imagined :’)

I’m afraid that someday we will lost each other, and you will forget me, or vice versa.

But the thing is, I won’t. And I promise you that, Anisa Fajrina Djuanda.

Hi, Mol.
You know you were the first person I would text when something good/bad happened to me.
I always looked for your arms every time I was in tears.

Too bad I can't remember every single thing that has happened to us over the past two years.
But I'm so glad to know we are now studying at the same uni, like we always imagined.